How can I add tags?

Adding tags is very easy. Simply go to Posts > Tags and choose a name for your tag. You also have the option to add a description and choose which subscribers have access to specific tags.

How do I tag a post?

Once you create a post, you can add tags to it, which make your posts easy to find.

On the right sidebar, go to Post > Tags. Type in the name of the tag you want to add and hit enter. 


Where do I add new posts?

Once you are in your newsroom’s dashboard, go to Posts > Add new.

That will create a new posts and you can start editing. Add your Title, content, and once you are ready, click publish.


How do I feature a post?

To feature a post, on the post editor, go to Post > Tags.

Type in “featured” and hit enter. You’re all set! 


How do I add images, videos, and podcast to a post?

Adding content such as images, videos and podcast episodes to your post is very important, and we’ve made it super simple! 
Once you create a new post, click on the blue “+” button. This will show all the options available to add content, such as images, gallery, video, audio, and embedd. 

How do I add a featured image to a post?

To add a featured image to your post, on the post editor, go to Post > Featured image > Set featured image. You will have the option to upload or use any image in your media library.

Subscriptions and content restriction

How do I set up subscription levels and pricing?

To add subscription levels to your newsroom, go to Restrict > Membership levels. Under “Add new level”, choose a name, add a description, set a price, and click on “Add membership level” to finish.

How do I set up my Stripe account?

To set up your stripe account, go to Restrict > Settings > Payments. Select your currency, enable stripe, and click on “Connect with stripe”. 

How do I restrict a post to non-paying subscribers?

To restrict a post, first you will have to create a tag and set that tag to only be available to a certain membership level. After your tag is created, you can add that tag to a specific post, so now only subscribers of a certain level will be able to access that content.

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